Sunday, January 15, 2012

More about Daniel & David

Hey Everyone,
So sorry that we have not updated our blog very often for you to follow more closely. With two new boys that are VERY active, it is difficult to find the time to sit down and type a post. Daniel, the oldest, is into everything and as soon as we take our eyes off of him for one minute he is trying to take food from his brother or throw his sippy cup into the toilet, etc. Ha, Ha, Ha as i know some of you are laughing very hard right now. David loves his stroller that the hotel loaned us and you will see several pics in the prior 2 posts with him in his stroller. We are also trying to get David to walk more to build muscle mass in his legs because they are very thin and tiny. There are some pics of him walking at the museum in Guangzhou and yes his sleeves are about 3 inches too long so it looks like he doesn't have hands in some of the pics. We are working on getting some more clothes once we get home that will fit him better. He will be 3 years old in less than a month, but his body is so behind developmentally because of being in the orphanage and food deprivation that he is actually the size of a 1 year old. We have a lot of catching up to do with him. He is the sweetest child though. Daniel is talking up a storm in chinese and thank God one of the other couples gave us a book called, "Say it Right in Chinese!!" That book is helping us tremendously to understand some of what Daniel is saying and for us to talk to him as well. We have learned several phrases and Daniel likes the fact that we are talking to him in his language!! :) Please keep both of our boys in your prayers as they continue to transition to a new life with us and soon to be new life in America. They are transitioning very well so far and sleeping through the entire night. Praise God for all that He has given us with these 2 precious boys. We love all of you and cannot wait for you to meet the boys. 

Lee and Mary Ellen 


  1. They are so adorable!!!! Cannot wait to meet them! So happy for y'all!!!

  2. The boys look so happy just like Mama and Baba! It was wonderful to talk with your new beautiful family the other night and I can't wait to meet the boys! I am so happy for our family to have these sweet boys in our lives. Love to all of you, Grammy B