Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here Are Our Boys!!!!!

Whoa!!! Breathe In. I think that we have a few minutes to post, so here it goes. Life has been hectic with two children who are completely dependent on us, but it is wonderful.  The Lord has provided above and beyond all that we could imagine. Our two boys are even more of a blessing to us than we could ever even have dreamed of. They both have their unique personalities and gifts. They have both truly have helped us to see the love that God has for us. We love these boys more than words can express even though this is only our third day with them, and His word says that He knew us before we were born and He knit us together in our Mother's womb. How incredibly our Heavenly Father must love us. 

We got David and Daniel on Monday January 9th and we have been making up for lost time ever since. The transition has gone altogether very well for us. Both boys have slept through the night both nights. They will eat continuously which is what we have let them do because of their past experience. They have to learn that there will always be an abundance and that they no longer have to scrounge for every last bit of nourishment they can find. Father, please help them to know that you care for even their smallest needs.

Daniel is our little character. He was able to make his own way in the orphanage and has done fairly well for a child in those conditions. He is very smart and has begun to open up to us. He is adapting very well and is a big helper to us and his brother. He loves trucks, balls, trains and electronics. He found my iPhone with his and David's pictures on it and took it to bed. He also loves the camera and the macbook. He is a ham for the video and loves to see himself in it.

David smiled at us the first time we saw him but it has been harder to earn his trust because life has not been kind at all to him up to this point, but that has changed. He is very small for a three year old and he has just begun to walk taking only a few steps. Many normal events terrify him. He has also run fevers and has a cough right now . He is on antibiotics and ibuprofen but please pray for his physical and emotional healing. He is however the sweetest little child and once we break through to him he will realize that we will not hurt him and that his old situation is the past. 

That's about all for now. Please enjoy the pictures. We also know that all of your prayers have made this journey easier and we covet them. Please pray for our boy's continued healing and that we would become one seamless family. We appreciate and love you all.

Lee and Mary Ellen


  1. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY.... there is nothing else that comes to mind right now except of course Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow! They are darling and I am so glad things are good. Sleeping through the night is HUGE - makes you wonder if they really really get that they are completely safe and can trust - I would think sleeping would be the most vulnerable of all states to be in so it's awesome they are sleeping. We love you guys and pray for you all the time. Kate is so excited and can't wait til it's time to love on her boys too! K

  2. Welcome to parenthood! They are so precious and from the pictures it looks like Daniel is diggin' on the cheerios! I'm so glad to know that they are sleeping! That's huge!!! You can handle the rowdiness of two boys much better if you are able to sleep. Can't wait to meet them and welcome them to your larger "family." Know that the Kennedys are praying for the Miller family while you are there and as you transition back home.

  3. How seeing you all together!! Praise the Lord!!!